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unified platform for business.


Simply fast ERP

In axioma we keep it simple, the system will grow with your business which means it will fully fitted to your business process thanks to clean foundation core. It will affect on speed and flexibility of business process.

Make good decision fast !

The vast majority of judgment errors can be eliminated simply by broadening our frame of reference

Broadening your refrence

The purpose of a decision is not to find the perfect option. The purpose of a decision is to get you to the next decision. By using axioma you can broadening your reference get better option and drill down from your dashboard.

Run full ERP fast !

axioma capable of running full ERP without remote service which will reduce cost

No remote service required

600+ concurrent connection running full system ERP
without any remote service (citrix,remote desktop)

Create report fast!

Ever wonder create new report with out bothering IT dept or request external developer.

axioma interface is the report

Axioma interface itself is a report, you can filter, group, discard unnecessary column

Why axioma ?

Axioma is fast , secured, auditable.
  • Fully customized, it’s literary customizing by adding component to core. Unlike other brand axioma is not tearing down fully bloated complex ERP to fit into your business process.
  • Efficient foundation core making customizing and data transaction fast.
  • Homogeneous user interface and full sets of analytic tools making axioma easy for user to advance.

Our Services


Help on line support (HOL)
This support will be rapid response to your software assurance service request. Available on Monday to Friday from 9am – 5 pm.

Help on Remote (HOR)
This support will be rapid response to your software assurance service request. Available on Monday to Friday from 9am – 5 pm.

Help on Site suppport (HOS)

Dispatched support professional to your site to resolve business critical problem. Axioma will provide 12 (twelve) half day site visits annually. However, if required, additional site visit will be provided depending upon case by case basis. This additional support will charge base on Axioma standard man days rate.

Minor Modification (MM)
This support will entitle you for any common technically minor modification (up to 12 minor modification) within the active year, at no extra charges.

Annual Upgrade Licensing (AUL)
This support will entitle you for any common upgrade within the active year, at no extra charge. With that way we ensure that you system always run perfectly and have the latest version.



“Why outsource?” ……is a question that many businesses ask.There is no single answer, as every organization has its own needs and values, but these are the reasons given by most of our clients.

Partnering with us makes your costs predictable. You pay only for what you need.Often taking on an additional employee or full-time agency contractor with the right skills and experience is just too expensive.
Technical Expertise…
Your own IT staffs are fully occupied with keeping your network and desktop applications running. They don’t have the time or experience to act as systems developer gurus as well as the heroes of the network. Our System Developer experts have the breadth and depth of experience to keep your databases and System applications running as they should.
Outsourcing can provide specialists for specific or short-term needs and help you to adapt to changing needs and technology.
We can provide support for your application when your staffs are sick or on holiday, so your business doesn’t stop when your staffs do.  Read More..