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unified platform for business.


Simply fast ERP

In axioma we keep it simple, the system will grow with your business which means it will fully fitted to your business process thanks to clean foundation core. It will affect on speed and flexibility of business process.

Make good decision fast !

The vast majority of judgment errors can be eliminated simply by broadening our frame of reference

Broadening your refrence

The purpose of a decision is not to find the perfect option. The purpose of a decision is to get you to the next decision. By using axioma you can broadening your reference get better option and drill down from your dashboard.

Run full ERP fast !

axioma capable of running full ERP without remote service which will reduce cost

No remote service required

600+ concurrent connection running full system ERP
without any remote service (citrix,remote desktop)

Create report fast!

Ever wonder create new report with out bothering IT dept or request external developer.

axioma interface is the report

Axioma interface itself is a report, you can filter, group, discard unnecessary column

Why axioma ?

Axioma is fast , secured, auditable.
  • Fully customized, it’s literary customizing by adding component to core. Unlike other brand axioma is not tearing down fully bloated complex ERP to fit into your business process.
  • Efficient foundation core making customizing and data transaction fast.
  • Homogeneous user interface and full sets of analytic tools making axioma easy for user to advance.

New Modules Released

Find out how to get free modules upgrades.

axioma | Human Capital and Payroll

A complete human resource and payroll system

The function of the human resources department involves tracking employee histories, skills, abilities, salary and their accomplishments. When an organization takes care to reduce the manual workload an organization performs, they choose to replace those processes with various levels of HRMS systems. Executives within a HR department either rely on internal IT experts or third-party vendors to develop and implement an integrated system.

axioma | Lead Management

Accelerate Opportunity

Rank leads to easily focus on those who matter the most. Prioritize followups based on those who are sales-ready and those who need nurturing. Save time and resources by automatically assigning leads to the right sales person by the territory. Never miss out on crucial follow-ups again. Schedule tasks and appointments, and get email alerts to remind you of it.